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Administration of the Bands

Board of directors

An elected volunteer Board of Directors (BOD) oversees the operation of the PNHB.

Without the BOD the bands could not function.

Their many responsibilities include hiring our conductors and coaches, renting rehearsal space, organising performances, insurance, organising social events, setting fees, publicity, controlling our assets (especially instruments and music), and much much more.

Board Announcements

email from John Topic 11 Nov 2020

Dear Members,

I want to provide you with an update on the Annual General Meeting and recent Board activities.

The most important outcome of the AGM was the renewal of the Board of Directors. The Board now consists of: John Topic (President), Lorna Verhulst (Vice President), David Lloyd (Treasurer), Sherri Luff (Secretary), Alan Brunger, Mary Chesher, Angela Con, and Lorna Devan. At a Board meeting yesterday portfolios were assigned to all members and those will be posted on the website https://nhbpeterborough.com/ soon.

One piece of bad news was announced at the AGM: Living Hope has decided that they want to do more outreach activities and will not rent to us starting next September. So we will be looking for a new home. Many suggestions were offered by the members at the meeting of possible venues and we have started to investigate them. If you know of a suitable space, please contact me.

We also clarified the ensemble policy with the pandemic still ongoing. Normally members cannot play in an ensemble unless they are also actively playing in one of the larger bands. As long as we cannot start up the larger bands, however, members are free to play in an ensemble. The ensembles, though, are also having problems finding suitable venues.

In response to a request from a member, the Board has discussed the appropriateness of its cheque charge for fee rebates given the pandemic. This policy goes back years and the charge seems to have always been $20. After considerable discussion, the Board decided to retain the charge because there is considerable work involved in processing fee rebates and preparing cheques, as well as banking and postage costs.



Sadly, we are be unable to start up our bands until at least January, the reason being that we have found no place that is willing to rent us space until early next year and even then it isn't guaranteed. Main problem is lack of large venues for practicing. This also applies to the ensembles. Nobody wants to rent to outside groups now. They say they might in Jan. but that might also change.

With regards to your fees, if you have a credit from the spring, it is safe with us, but if you want a rebate we can process it in due time. The credit for the term is $127.50 for Wednesday Bands and $123.25 for Green Band.. There is $20 charge for issuing a cheque. Here is the rebate form for you to print, complete and send to Harlene Annett. hannett@sympatico.ca

Currently we are planning for our Annual General Meeting which we hope to hold at Living Hope Church on Wednesday October 28th at 1:00p.m. At the meeting we will present the minutes from the last AGM, as well as annual reports from the board current members. We will also present the slate of nominees of board members for the next year 2020-2021. We encourage you to come to this 1 hour meeting. Please email us to let us know of your intention using the email pnhb.music@gmail.com. There will be more information on the AGM soon.

On the website and on our Facebook page you can stay connected with our members and maybe connect with a small group who would join you in playing duets or trios or other ensemble arrangements. Our conductors and coaches are willing to provide advice on where you could find suitable music and advice on setting up a group. Perhaps you can also give others suggestions as to what you have found helpful.

We all are looking very forward to once again being together to play music. In the meantime keep connected and let us know how you are doing.

Fall start-up (0r whenever startup)

As PNHB plans for the fall start-up, please be aware of the following:

assume you will start in the same band you were in in March. Conductors remain as they were. assume a September start, but it may be later.

if you want to request a move to another band, consult your coach (contact info is in the directory). We prefer the status quo. keep all the music that was issued prior to our last practice

if requesting a change in bands, we prefer waiting until after the start.
Your 5 Conductors

address questions to Gord T. gord.t.sax@gmail.com

2020/21 Board of Directors with Portfolios

Chair - John Topic
Vice chair - Lorna Verlhurst
Policies and procedures - Lorna Verlhurst
Secretary - Sherri Luff
Concert Beneficiary - Major Donor & Grants - Al Brunger
Community Relations, Recruiting, and Publicity - Lorna Devan Mary Chesher, Jo-Anne McLaren Property Management -Angela Con Nominating Committee Alan Brunger,David Lloyd Lorna Verlhurst Scheduling-TBD Communications Lorna Devan Liaison with Ensembles John Topic Committee to Search for a new venue- Angela Con, Lorna Verlhurst, John Topic, Mary Chesher +one conductor Additional Portfolios
Dialogue Committee – John Topic, , Lorna Verhulst, Al Brunger, Angela Con
Treasurer - David Lloyd, Administrative assistanr - Jo-Anne McLaren

Non-Board members with portfolios
Concert Managers: Renee Paul, Norma White
Librarian: Meeta Ellison
Historian: Debbie Duff
Members Communications Manager: James Burrett
Web Master Norma White
Social Committee Margaret Seabrooke
Green Band Manager Cliff Balantyne

Band Representatives
Cliff Ballantyne (Green),
Lorne Read (Jubilee),
Theresa Topic (Allegro),
Cathy Breedon (Skylark),
Heather Thompson (Odyssey)