Coordinator's Notes by Kathy Brown-Payne

Kathy Brown-Payne In June ???, I was thrilled to hear that our project, "Putting Smiles on People's Faces", had been approved for an Ontarion Senior's Secretaria grant. The project was a delight from the beginning to the end. The grant was sufficient to pay a conductor and to buy instruments, music stands and books for the 10 participants.

At Summit Terrace, I found staff very supportive of the project who happily made arrangements for a practise space. The 10 places were quickly taken up by residents.

Members of the PNHB were equally enthusiastic, and I quickly had more than enough volunteer mentors and backups.

Our first session was on October ?? As the seniors met our conductor and the mentors, the enthusiasm and excitement was palpable. The enthusiasm never wore off, building to the final concert in March.