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New Green Band

GreenBand 2022

Covid Precautions The following precautions are being taken in order to follow public health guidelines:
Bands limited to 30 members spaced 2 metres apart,
Masks are to be worn except when at playing positions,
Prescreening to be done at home,
Registering on arrival at band,
Vaccination certificates are examined and are to be carried at all times.


Winterlude is a fun event where each of our bands perform for the remaining band members. Come and hear what we all sound like.

Due to Covid restrictions, Winterlude will happen at Canvary Church - Feb 9th. The first band starts at 1:00.

Each band will perform, half on stage and half in the auditorium, for 20 minutes. We will not be using warmup rooms, but rather proceeding directly to the stage from our seats in the auditorium.

More details to follow.

Private showing of West Side Story

Band members are invited to a private showing of West Side Story at the Galaxy Theatre, Dec 20 from 1:00 to 4:00.

Each member can bring one guest.

Tickets are $12.50 to be puchased at band practises in the week of Dec 8.

For more information, please contact Margaret Seabrooke at

Cogeco Community Channel

PNHB bands have a half hour on the Cogeco Community Channel : Dynamics are recording for this.